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Trying out a new life

The life as I knew it is about to end in a couple of days.  The time for procastrination is over. I can't pretend to be not afraid. Truth be told, I'm scared like hell but at the same time I am hopeful. In a way I am also certain that the days ahead are going to be fruitful and full of happiness and most importantly ...satisfaction. My packing is yet to be done. I intended to make a thorough job of it. But I am yet to really get things done as they should be. I have certain vague plans about what to do and what not do while leaving Bangalore for good. But I haven't yet made any real progress on this front. Actually, as I write this, the urgency of the matter impresses upon me. May be I should write more. Self introspection helps. Wait, that's ridiculous. Introspection is by itself ...self. Anyway, so my this time next week I will be home. For a period of two weeks at most. Then my classes will begin. Best wishes to me, I guess. 

Tough Times and God Knows What Future

These are difficult times. I don't mean that because of an AAP victory or a BJP defeat. I am rather disturbed about my own life and the way things are going right now. I have a few plans in place and I am working on them but the future is something we can never predict accurately. Hence the anxiety. Of course, it makes little sense to be anxious. We can only do our best and leave the rest to fate/God. But that does not make it any easier for us, any of us actually. তবে তার জন্যে আগে আমাকে ঠিক করতে হবে যে আমি ঠিক কতটা রিস্ক নিতে রাজি আছি। আমি নিজে থেকে তৈরী থাকলেও একটা পিছুটান থেকেই যায়। সেটাকে অতিক্রম করা অতি মুশকিল। তবু চেষ্টা চালাতে হবে।  যা হবে তা না হয় পরে দেখা যাবে। 

Saraswati Puja 2015

Saraswati puja has been one of my favourite festivals since my childhood. When i was a kid,I remember how my dad used to chant the mantras and we would wait patiently repeating the Sanskrit verses.  Since class IX I have had the same Saraswati. Somehow I felt she should be a part of our household. So she is still there, more than twelve years now. We are supposed to immerse them every year. But yeah, she is special.  On the whole I always loved the way the simple rituals were followed, along with the good food that we always had for the purpose. Even today I got fruits, sweets and incense sticks to do things as my dad used to do back in the day. Maybe when I do back, I will be able to redo everything the way we used to in the past. With all the family members present. I have almost forgotten how that feels like by now.

Lamahata,The Ideal Destination For Nature Lovers

If you want silence, Lamahata is the ideal destination.As you approach this hill-station,it invites you with its serene and virgin beauty. A wide range of kanchanjangha is visible from here,you can also catch a glimpse of the statue of Buddha of Namchi(Sikim) right from this place.On the way to Lamahata you can take a break for a while at the sangam of the rivers of Teesta and Rangeet.The beautiful Lamahata park at the centre of this place is a treat for nature lovers. I must say you will enjoy a stroll in the park. How To Go :You can take a taxi from New Jalpaiguri Station (W.B.),you can go from Darjeeling also. Where To Stay:There are some homestays and tents among them Lamahata Lodge is very good.

God Tweets for us Mortals

I was honestly wondering about the reality or what I perceive it as. And this is what I came across. Of course, I could have ignored it. But since God himself or Himself has decided to come up with a statement, I simply couldn't brush it aside. Ain't no 72 virgins waiting for you, fellas. — God (@TheTweetOfGod) January 9, 2015 This might break some hearts and disappoint young folks who wish to hurry up, literally. Oh, btw, I just uploaded a super cool post on SEO, regarding how to share content better. Do check it out. :D In any case, just when I was about to sign off, I had this clarification - that popped out from the Notification area - I am the Lord thy God, King of the Universe, the omnipotent and omniscient Creator of Space and Time, and I can take a fucking joke. — God (@TheTweetOfGod) January 9, 2015 Have a nice weekend!

Cooking my first pizza home

I will be honest. I never fancied cooking in my life before. But here I am having to cook stuff for myself. Life does teach your to be flexible and it's often best to take the lessons pretty seriously. So anyway, here's a picture of the dish I cooked up for myself. It's half a pizza with fried eggs and potato fries. It may not look all that great but it's pretty much the first time I tried making a pizza at home. I will post some other stuff on cooking soon. Oh, by the way, I am posting this from my new iPad 2. I love it. <3

Life in 2015

Waiting for an appraisal meeting is always difficult. Honestly speaking, I am more excited than scared. Last two years were not all that great, so I hope this time I am in a rather relaxed mood in comparison. Let's see what happens this time. On another note, the world is being shaken up by events that I understand little about. The Charlie Hebdo attacks have thrown many accepted points of view into question. Primary among them is the fact that the attacks have found some considerable support from many moderate voices among the Moslem communities. In any case, these are strange times. Once the mud settles down we can hope to see more clearly.