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Make a Splash!

  I was sitting at home, when suddenly I got a request to write a splash form. So I wrote this. It  is fairly simple to implement. Just add a Windows Form to a new Visual Basic Project. Add a Timer Control to the Form, named ‘theTimer’ Now add two labels, one for a statement, other to show the countdown. I have named them lbl1 and tmrLabel. Go to its code of the Form and copy and paste this down. I have assumed the form name to be ‘MainFrm’. Run it and you are good to go. All with a fade in and fade out animation. Simple yet efficient. And to the friend who requested, it was a pleasure. :) '''<summary> ''' A simple Splash Screen with basic fade in and fade out animation ''' A Program by Sarthak Ganguly ''' </summary> ''' Released under GPLv3 License Public Class MainFrm    'Declaring an Enum with form status     Enum formStatus         formOpening         formShowing         formClosing     End Enum   

Internet Explorer 9 beta, well worth a try

Internet Explorer, the web browser known to give us nightmares is back. IE had more flaws than features, limited addons, low speed, lack of support for web standards, no download manager, faulty Save actions and many more. IE7 and IE8 were good but yesteryear’s browsers, copies of more feature rich browsers already available. They provided too little too late. Finally the guys at Microsoft have pulled off a great show. In the newly furbished IE 9 you can find speed, ease of use, better addon support, a download manager, HTML 5 support, full CSS3 support and many more. On my test machine it outdid both Firefox and Opera (without any steroids) with ease. It also provides additional graphics rendering using hardware acceleration, making web animations look flawless. The default look of IE9 The Download Manger Pros : Cons Streamlined design Basic Support HTML5 Pinned Sites Compatibility issues Download Manager Time taking installation Enhanced tabs Download Manage

Integrated College Management System

For selected technical readers only. This project is established for helping students to make registration easily. It also simplifies this process for both students and employees and prevent usual problems the Credit Hours System faces. Check this out as a template for all developers aiming to develop a Library(employee, student, books etc) Management System. It is a very good project with good comments, documentation and explanation. Happy Coding! Sarthak Ganguly

Building urWeb

A no nonsense web browser, urWeb is being made by me to suit the needs of the majority of internet users. Browse the web the way you want. Make it simple, fast , stylish and enjoyable. I am designing it to give you maximum screen real estate. Some of the unique features are as follows : - Maximum screen real estate, even caption buttons (minimize, maximize, close) can be hidden! Rename your bowser. It is your browser after all. You can name it <your name> if you don’t want the default name ‘urWeb’. You can surprise your friends that way! Block ads by default, speed sets and the like Add features you like, just send me a mail and I’ll try to work it out, else, you can add a feature to it yourself. You can be a part of the development team, anytime(even after init. dev work is done) I’ll put up a sample screenshot here, it is naked, I admit but it will build itself up real soon. I’ll also host it on in a few days so that you can see the source code from time

Try Jolicloud 1.0

Jolicloud is a Linux -based operating system developed by a company of the same name. Jolicloud is built on top of Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) Netbook Edition [6] , and as with that Linux distribution, is tweaked for netbooks and other computers with limited disk storage , memory , and screen size. [7] [8] Jolicloud was designed for easy installation, with Wi-Fi , Bluetooth , and 3G modem support all included. [9] The operating system supports all the major netbooks, including models from Asus , Acer , Dell , HP , MSI , Samsung and Sony . [10] Jolicloud claims the OS supports 98% of netbooks with out-of-the-box compatibility. [11] Version 1.0 of the operating system incorporates a user interface built primarily with HTML5 that includes an application launcher, a library of compatible applications with one-click installation and removal, a display of all machines associated with a user account, and a social activity stream that enables users to compare installed applications. Th