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A New Explorer

Microsoft has decided to revolutionize the user interface of the Windows Operating System(again). In the upcoming Windows Operating System, the most striking change, according to me is the new look of the Explorer, The first time I saw it, I could not believe my own eyes. Everyone is going minimal these days. Putting  an Omnibar, removing clutter, keeping most used buttons and trashing the rest and so on. Then I first saw this. Home Tab for Explorer I instantly dismissed this as one of the thousands of fan site creation or something like that. But Googling around I found out that this was absolutely authentic! In the process I found this. Honestly, I never hated the ribbon as long as it was kept for applications like Office etc. But now that it is in Explorer, Windows Explorer, I take a strong exception to it. Just one look at it is enough to make me go nuts. What were they thinking?

10 Must Have Apps For Mac

This one is for all Mac users. Native Macs are a privileged few(:D), however you now know how you can install Mac OS X on Intel and AMD machines or even your netbooks with a decent configuration. So now that you have your system lined up you need some software to make use of the power your Mac provides. Here is a list of 10 apps that can make your life with Mac better and that too for free. For a post on Free Windows software read this . 1. Chrome Google Chrome is wonderful. It is elegant, it is free, it is useful, it is intuitive, and it is available for Mac.   Download Chrome 2. Audacity Audacity is an open source software available as a free download from sourceforge. Get one of the best audio editing tools ever created by man. Download Audacity 3. Appcleaner Remove all traces of pesky programs from your hard disk after you trash them. It also can be configured to run in the background, making sure you stay clean. Download Appcleaner 4. Sophos Though you ma

Office Online

Online Office Solutions Reviewed Suppose you don't have any office suite installed on your machine, yet you must complete a presentation within the next hour. You can download some software of the Web, true, but what if the speed is not that good? Or if you had prepared the presentation but have not brought it to office. Deadlines running out? Spreadsheets behaving like spread sh**? Running out of disk space? Well, you can try and familiarize yourself with big office suites, paid or free, or you can save yourself all the hassle and just go to some of the online office suites available and get your job done. Your space is saved. Documents are stored in the Cloud, Collaboration with clients is simple, you can access your document and edit them anywhere you want. All you need is an internet connection. Yes, slow ones will do fine. You will require more patience. A word of caution, don't try giving presentations in board rooms if you have a dial up connection. You may have t