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Saraswati Puja and Valentine's Day Coincide

I used to hear this a lot - for Bengalis (Bengali Hindus), Saraswati Pujo is equivalent to the Valentine's Day . Girls would wear yellow sarees and braid their hair, while guys will be wearing yellow punjabees and white dhoti or pajama.  This time on Feb 14, 2024, they fell on the same day. Woke up pretty early in the morning, showered, wore the dhuti and uttiyo and did Saraswati Puja. Most of the mantras I have got by heart now. After the pushpanjali , I was done and we (my mother and I) could then break our fast with the Mahaprasad . Took a day off for the day, but still joined for a quick catchup call.  This is how she looks like. There is a bit of a history here. Usually, Hindus get the vigraha from the shop every year, worship and then do visarjan (immersion) in a river or pond. However, she is with us since I was in class IX. When I was in Standard X, my grandmother had died. As part of the souch (relatively inauspicious greiving period), we could not get a new vigraha .
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Getting back to making stuff

I was off for a while. I mean, I was not. I painted an old shoecase that now looks a gorgeous white cupboard. I fixed my bicycle.  But beyond this, I did not do much beyond what my work paid me to do. So here I am, about to touch a new year of my life - and I am itching to get back into the habit of writing again.  Not just writing stuff here, but also making applications or music.  In fact, after a very long time I feel like sketching again. I think I am going to sketch my wife. Or may be finish my ex wife's sketch. I dunno. But I am gonna get started with a pencil tomorrow. Thanks to chatgpt, I have restarted my application brainstorming and dusted my old Github repos.  I think this is going to be a good run this time.

Chess Play 12 December 2023

 This is going to be my chess journal.  I am going to document blitz and rapid games mostly. I will be playing only 3 games a day. I have won all 3. The FEN for the same are below. FEN - 2r5/Q7/1kp2p2/1p4r1/8/1P1B3P/5PP1/R5K1 b - - 6 40 FEN - 4r3/ppp3p1/1b2p1k1/4P3/4n3/2PN2pK/PP4P1/5R2 w - - 2 33 FEN - r5k1/8/p2p3p/1pnNp1r1/2P1P3/3P1K2/P4P2/8 w - - 2 32

What if your spouse is actually insane?

Imagine this scenario. You gift your spouse something and decorate your home the way she likes it (lets assume). Then you text her saying that you have done this. You would expect her to feel nice and may be ... I don't know - thank you, at the very least. What if instead she directly questions you why you had changed your contact name in her mobile phone without asking her permission? You will probably be stunned by the question. You may take a couple of minutes to check if she is actually serious or just pulling your leg. An uncomfortable realisation dawns on you. This is not a joke. She directly assumes that you have unlocked her phone with her passkey, went to her contacts application and changed your name and then once again locked the phone back on. And this is when you don't know her key, and have never touched her phone. You check if this is a prank or some kind of nightmare induced by REM sleep. Naah, no luck. This is real. The basic questions that come to your mind, b

Growing up

Time affects everything and everyone We all grow up. After college, friends go places, to different states and far away countries. You get less and less time. Some go for higher studies, again, in other states. Parents get older. Then friends start getting married. First it’s usually the girls. One by one, your crushes tie the knot. You dismiss it, you are still young. Then your guy friends start getting married too. Your circle shrinks. In the end you look around. All you are left with are ideological nutjobs, immature imbeciles, idealistic crazies, bohemian hippies, or other misfits. Do you really belong here? Okay, that was too harsh. But you think. You say to yourself, ‘ dil to baccha hai jee ’.  Okay, fair enough. And then... Then, you see a growing pot belly. Something you always despised. Your dad had one (he still does). After taking a shower, you look at the mirror. You are losing hair. You search on Amazon for hair growing products - it is too much of a hassle. Hair transplan

Operation Situation Report Summary - Ukraine 4 March

 Defense Without Strategy Ukraine seems to be hell bent on fighting a static war without almost any flexibility. Their forces may be valiant and defiant, but without a coherent strategy, the best they can hope for is to prolong their own suffering WITHOUT significantly hurting the enemy. Here is how the situation stands as of now. Kherson has fallen. The front in the South was decisively broken day before yesterday with the capture of the railway station and port. Naturally, the Russian forces did not wait and moved straight North to Mykolaiv. All UA forces on the Dnepr facing South are likely to be outflanked. Unless the Russian spearheads are cut off and destroyed in a day or two, it will be too late. The fall of the entire South seems to be inevitable.  To extricate the forces, UA should have withdrawn forces from other sectors (including far away Donetsk front). Now, the best they can try is to win time to reinforce Kyiv. Kharkov is almost surrounded. This battle seems to be fought

Operational Situational Summary - Ukraine 2 March

From a glance at the map and the news reports, it appears that the Russian advance has been very slow or even checked. However, a deeper look shows the situation has worsened significantly for Ukraine. That this happened as per my expectation in the past few posts makes me feel worse. In the North, the Russian forces have already encircled Chernihiv in the past couple of days. This is not yet fully updated on this map. The two strong armored spearheads from Konotop (which had also fallen) are currently holding in Pryluky and Nizhyn. The Chernihiv garrison probably has a day or two before the Russians reach Kozelets. Then any breakout attempt to Kyiv will become extremely difficult and will likely result in very heavy losses. It is to be expected that this city too, will fall soon without affecting the battle of Kyiv. This is bad for Ukraine. Now that the International Community has rallied for Ukraine, the previous fears of Russia dealing with breakaway republics in the East should be