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justPDF, Nothing Else!

  Finally I am launching my open source and free PDF viewer. Named justPDF, it does exactly as named, just view PDF files. No longer is it necessary for you to install heavy applications with thousands of features you never use. Cut down on the bloat and use the “Simplest PDF reader on Earth”. ScreenShot : justPDF viewing a sample PDF file. @Note: I am ironing out the Ghostscript problems for a faster and lighter viewer. Download the Setup I will release the code in a day or two. Released under the GPLv3 General Public License. Copyright© Reserved 2011, Sarthak Ganguly A Sarthak Ganguly Kreashun.

Kolibri – A 3 MB (GUI)Operating System

No I’m not drunk! Kolibri desktop is a small 3MB Operating System, that is written entirely in machine code (CPU Language) and is not based on Linux, Windows or any other variants. What is surprising is the number of applications packed into this tiny file size. There are a whole bunch of games, a basic tables editor, a compiler, a text editor, a bouquet of demos, a text based web browser and more. There is also DosBox, which let’s you run almost any DOS game on Kolibri. While not meant for serious use, the tiny OS shows how bloated Windows and Linux really are. Kolibri is a small x86 assembler hobby operating system. It forked off MenuetOS in 2004 and has mostly been developed by ex-USSR community since. API and ABI is being enreached with developer-friendly features. User interface is not that good yet but we are trying to improve it as well. Your feedback is very appreciated, although help would always be much more valuable. Current release introduces several kernel, app