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Jump Lists for your Site(Or Blogs) I

Windows 7 Taskbar Basics The following graphic shows the taskbar elements in Windows 7. Feature Description Taskbar button When you click a Pinned Site button on the taskbar, the website launches in a new browser window that has been customized specifically for the site. The site icon is visible on the taskbar button. Overlay icons A 16x16 pixel notification icon that appears on top of the normal site icon. This notification indicates that something has changed in the website, such as new mail arriving, receiving a chat request, or being outbid in an auction. The notification is visible only when the site is running. Jump List The Jump List can contain static and dynamic tasks that act as shortcuts into the Pinned Site. A user can further customize their experience by pinning these items to the Jump List. Jump List category A Pinned Site can create and fill a single custom Jump List category by using script in the webpage. This list is dynamic. Jump L

Wanna Tab?

Tablets are now the most popular and sought after gadgets in the electronics market. Almost every company you know has a tablet (at least) launched into the market, and what is even more surprising is that all of them are doing reasonably well.  Honestly speaking everyone wants a tablet now. iPad rules the rules the roost here, but others like Galaxy Tab from Samsung has also made a mark, indeed with better features than the iPad itself. However after buying a tablet many users think if the idea was a wrong one. I want to help you make sure you really want and need a tablet computer in the first place, so that after unpacking your tab you dont say to yourself,"Oh Gosh, wish I knew...!" The choices are man made(read me-made whatever that means) and may change from person to person, but there you go. Buy a tablet only if you crave for Multimedia : 7 and 10 inch screen tablets are ideal for delivering multimedia experiences on the go. They are way better than mo

5p34k 1337

I did not know facebook had this sweet little feature that shows everything in leet speak. Leet is the language spoken by geeks. Though I would prefer not to be one, I found changing the language settings from facebook really made facebook a lot more interesting and much more funny. Here is how you do it. Go to Account Settings, Now change the language to leet speak (Other interesting ones are under the English category, say English upside down or Pirate English.) Click on Save Changes. Everything will turn to leet speak! Go to 'Home' or and see the fun. There are a number of funny changes, like : Messages - /msg Find Friends - find n00bz and Profile Pictures become pr0n, acronym for p0rn! Anyway if you can accept it as harmless fun, you can make your facebook experience more enjoyable. Have a good time.

Image Carousel with jQuery

jQuery is a wonderful cross browser javascript library. The effects that can be created using it are simply superb and uber cool. And that without using flash. The two major advantages of not using flash is that you can save on bandwidth as embedded flash objects are not bandwidth friendly. Besides flash is not supported on iPads, meaning which on an iPad the webpage will be a complete piece of junk and nothing else with missing components. The polaroid effect is not covered in this article. Some other time! Now there are many jQuery based carousels on the internet. So why need a new one? well, actually you don't. But for example you wish to integrate a carousel in Blogger. The choices become severely restricted and then the customization is often difficult to configure. Most of the carousels available for blogger are simple ones with image transitions and basically nothing more. So I present to you a new form of jQuery carousel which is optimized for blogger . Before you