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Latest Water Survey Questionnaire for Understanding Perception regarding water in IIT Bombay

As part of a survey of the residents of IIT Bombay regarding their perception of water quality and to some extent usage, we followed this questionnaire. Some interviews were done when we formulated the semi structured questions. These below are to basically quantify the data we get and make certain clear observations. What we expect - i. The investment made by different people from different strata in the purification of water in their own homes ii. The usage of water per person in different income groups iii. General awareness of water usage. We can also check if there is a difference in perception between male and female population surveyed. iv. Water literacy of the people can be understood. This can help the Institute to address any gaps necessary to either reduce wastage or improve efficiency etc. You can download the Questionnaire from here.

Lonely Planet

Santalekhola, a very beautiful calm and quiet place in the district of Darjeeling in W.B. It is not a very popular tourist spot still now, and I think that'why its virgin beauty attracted me so much.Here you don't need to run from one place to another, you only come here,take rest and feel the vibration of nature. The West Bengal forest dept.cottages are very good and reasonable priced and the ambiance is truly very soothing. "Khola" means in Nepali a small river, you can hear the rhythmic sound of water all the time. The birds, butterflies and the  sound of silence will create resonance with the nature and you.