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Round your corners

Many people face a problem when it comes to drawing the controls with rounded corners. So I got down and dirty with some simple drawing and came up with this. All you have to do is to call this Sub Procedure with the parameters passed to it and you are done. Enjoy! 1: PublicSub DrawRoundedRectangle(ByVal objGraphics As Graphics, _ 2: ByVal m_intxAxis AsInteger, _ 3: ByVal m_intyAxis AsInteger, _ 4: ByVal m_intWidth AsInteger, _ 5: ByVal m_intHeight AsInteger, _ 6: ByVal m_diameter AsInteger, _ 7: ByVal g As Graphics) 8: 9: 10: Dim path AsNew GraphicsPath() 11: 'Dim g As Graphics 12: Dim BaseRect AsNew RectangleF(m_intxAxis, m_intyAxis, m_intWidth, 13: m_intHeight) 14: Dim ArcRect AsNew RectangleF(BaseRect.Location, 15: New SizeF(m_diameter, m_diameter)) 16: 'top left Arc 17: path.AddArc(ArcRect, 180, 90) 18: path.AddLine(m_intxAxis + CInt(m_diameter / 2), 19: …

A simple Chrome theme

This is my first theme for Google ChromeI have named it urWeb.
Supports all resolutionsSimple theme, recommended for everyoneMore coming up You can download it hereDownload urWeb Chrome themeHow to installDownload the file Drag the file to Google Chrome and drop it There is no risk in installing this, really, it won’t harm your computer at all Enjoy!For all those interested in making your own themes, you can try the Google App Chrome Theme Builder, or for a start just rename urWeb*.crx to urWeb*.zip. Open the compressed file and see the simple magic. Hope you like it Released under Creative Commons License LGPLv3 © Sarthak Ganguly