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Being and staying in Love

To love is easy. Being in love is a different ball game altogether. To fall in love all you need to do is nothing. You just see a girl do regular stuff and the regular stuff feels like the most extraordinary and beautiful thing to you. Then you think about her, fantasize about her, wonder about her, imagine talking, dancing, walking, etc with her and you realize that you are in love with her. Or at least severely infatuated with her. But what is truly difficult is staying in that state of altered reality. Imagine me in such situations. I would find the stony gaze of her as she passed without noticing me, not once but all the time. Oh that's lovely. How graciously she refuses every request of mine for a cup of coffee at a local coffee store brings me immense happiness. How I plunge into a sea of joy when she refuses to sit beside me in a bus that is crowded but for a lone seat by me. How sweet her voice does not sound when she does not pick up my numerous calls. And so on... Th

A trip to Dadar at Jalvardhini and Karjat

On a Friday we took to the Trustee of Jalvardhini Trust at Dadar. Please find the attached audio recording for reference .  On the last Saturday we went to Karjat, while returning from the field trip to Neral. Here is a short map for convenience. We noticed the rainwater harvesting techniques that were used at that point of time. Some of the pictures are as follows.