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What if your spouse is actually insane?

Imagine this scenario. You gift your spouse something and decorate your home the way she likes it (lets assume). Then you text her saying that you have done this. You would expect her to feel nice and may be ... I don't know - thank you, at the very least. What if instead she directly questions you why you had changed your contact name in her mobile phone without asking her permission? You will probably be stunned by the question. You may take a couple of minutes to check if she is actually serious or just pulling your leg. An uncomfortable realisation dawns on you. This is not a joke. She directly assumes that you have unlocked her phone with her passkey, went to her contacts application and changed your name and then once again locked the phone back on. And this is when you don't know her key, and have never touched her phone. You check if this is a prank or some kind of nightmare induced by REM sleep. Naah, no luck. This is real. The basic questions that come to your mind, b