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My Blog is hacked and dead

Yes. The Code Post is down. May she rest in peace. The name of the killer was some Unknown Chinese loser from Fujian, People's Republic of China. Also my hosting provider was an accomplice. Anyway, I will be putting it back up - in a better place. Till then, I am sorry but rest assured, I will be back. Soon. EDIT: My blog is back up - you can go check it out at .  Of course, you can visit my old link as well, you will be gracefully redirected. :D Regards, Sarthak

Getting drenched in heavy rain

This happened some time back. It was a pretty cloudy day. I was wearing my school uniform. I used to go in a Maruti Omni van to school along with 5 or 6 other of my friends. In any case, after school, we used to get in a line and holding each others' bags slung on our backs(nothing silly, naughty mind) we used to go to the parking slot, led by the driver who acted as the guide cum head of security and excort. So that day was special for some reason. It rained when we were coming to school in the morning, only lightly as far as I can remember. By the time we entered school, the rains went for a break. While returning to the van, it held its breath. While our van started off, it started raining very heavily. The windows were ordered to be closed. We did not have automatic window controls then, so breaking the rule now and then was easy. The driver was a good young guy, but his primary job was to drive us safely - so after a while he stopped scolding. We would open the windows open