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Salesmen of God

Christian evangelicals are similar to parasites [1] . The similarities are simply astounding. Among all predatory religions, Evangelical Christianity has done, by far, the greatest harm to humankind [2] . Like leeches, the Evangelical sucks the lifeblood of an unchristian society till it descends either into chaos and incessant civil conflict or the relegation of the culture to the pages of history   (Bowden, 1985) . Even in the 21 st century this unashamed activity continues   (Bhosle, 2003) . [3] Source: Evangelicals usually have a similar methodology when it comes to proselytization. Like parasites, the target is usually one belonging to the most vulnerable section of society. This does not necessarily mean that they try harvesting only the most down trodden of the society   (Kelly, 2001) . And most certainly, the objective is never the upliftment of the persons involved. The target groups may, for example, belong to ethnic minorities