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ClipClip – Handy Clipboard Manager

  A simple, efficient, user friendly clipboard manager for Windows, especially versions after XP. The handy tool – clipbrd.exe was not in the releases of Windows post XP, so I had to take to third party clipboard monitoring tools. But they were all bulky resource hogs. Each had its pros and cons but ultimately none fit the bill. So I decided to create my own.   Illustration : ClipClip Illustration : ClipClip showing Screenshot Illustration : ClipClip showing the files to be copied, the links can be modified and saved Features include : - Text monitoring and modify Image monitoring and modify File list view and modify Audio modify and capture Clipboard clear function Refresh to refresh the contents of the Clipboard Please note that I’ve not included a hook to the clipboard. While this eliminates the chance for a dynamic monitoring and editing, it also improves security and most importantly enhances usability and makes it lightweight and independent of user

IITs and IISc Online Courses in Engineering and Science under NPTEL

IITs and IISc Online Courses in Engineering and Science under NPTEL This is an excellent site for all students, both from engineering or otherwise to get video lectures and course material from IIT and IISc faculty members. And as the icing on the cake it is free. You get to choose your subject and the chapter, download the PDF and watch the video lecture by a professor. So start buffering!