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Trace your IP

Tracing your IP and the hops made is easy. Remember this is different from finding your IP address. You can easily get your IP address by simply running the ‘ping’ command. This tutorial will show you the geographical locations travelled by the data between your system and some remote address. What is an IP address? An Internet Protocol address ( IP address ) is usually a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. How to trace your IP?   Windows Press Win + R', the Run Dialog box opens Type ‘cmd’ and press Enter Type tracert (or any other site) You will find many entries with their respective IP addresses. These actually denote the path travelled by the packets of data between your machine and (or any other site)         I have blurred some data to protect my privacy.   Unix/Linux First let me admit, this method is

Block those Ads

If you browse the internet often you know what I am talking about. Ads are everywhere. And necessary for paying for hosting bills and like but sometimes they are just plain annoying and useless distraction. Besides heavy and bad ads even take up a lot of bandwidth. In the end you might just say, Enough, now I will call the shots. I will decide what I see and not. So here I will brief you about the Do’s and Don’t in blocking unnecessary advertisements. Chrome AdBlock Simplicity is the key. A must have. Get it here :   Firefox   AdBlock Plus Very useful, works great and ultra light. You can find it here. IE 9   Simple AdBlock Go here : Download the Installer, install and you are done! One thing though, it is important to know that some ads are good and even useful, remember the nice ad that caught your attention (in a positive way).

AeroBlueSG Cursors

It was time I changed the cursors. So I fired up GFIcon Edit and started drawing new icons. When I was done, I was quite satisfied. I am providing the screenshot of the cursors. I have uploaded it to deviantart . Installation Extract the archive to a temporary folder. Right click the "Install.inf" file and click on "Install" Choose the cursorset in the control panel mouse applet It appears as "AeroBlue Cursors (Alphablended)" No extra software required! Created and released under Creative Commons License. Share freely and enjoy!   Download

How To: Change Fonts On The 5800, 5233 etc

The font that comes with Nokia is nice. But after six months you are bound to crave for a new look to your phone. Now changing fonts on a phone is usually not an easy task, I mean that was how you must have thought. But you know what you can use custom fonts, yes any font of your choice on your Nokia phone without any software. All you need to do is copy and paste a bunch of files. No replacing of system resources necessary! First to increase your greed, I will post some screenshots, Screenshot Gallery o   Font Style Download o Another Font Style Now let me tell you how I did it. Procedure to apply new Fonts Connect the phone in the ‘Mass Storage’ profile to the computer. Alternatively, you can use the memory card reader. Goto the Memory Card, it shows up as a Removable Disk. Navigate to the ‘resource’ folder and open it. Copy the ‘Fonts’ folder into in. Eject the device and restart. You should see the new fonts applied. Procedure to apply your Fonts Ma

Xtreme Mod Nokia 5233

Crawling the web for some real action I stumbled upon this jewel of a site. I must admit, I have never seen such a hardcore modding site for Nokia users. Disclaimer: Flashing your Phone, modding and carrying out the ‘experiments’ as mentioned in the site may and probably will VOID YOUR WARRANTY so proceed with caution and at your own risk. I am posting this only for educational purposes and any damage caused whatsoever is not my fault or responsibility. The bottomline is proceed at your own risk. There is even another danger, that is incorrect flashing will ‘brick’ your phone, meaning which your phone will be useless and its memory will be corrupted, probably beyond repair. So if you have no problems with a really costly paperweight, you can easily go ahead. In any case, consider yourself warned. Alright enough of scaring you, but honestly many have done it (read others have failed). Check it out!

The Big Bang

Mozilla 4 launched on 22nd March, 2011 Need I say more? Now let’s take a look at Mozilla’s flagship site : Let’s look at some screenshots : - The counter shows the number of downloads. Reaching 10 million now!!! The guys at Firefox even managed to keep tabs(literally) of vertical bars to denote number of downloads per minute! They are visible in the bottom of the page, yes those piano button like controls. Insane! Click on the Semi Circle in the bottom left of the first screen and here you come /\ Click on the links on your right bar and see the magic, I could not believe it!!! Stats, just stats!!! They ran so deep, really this hierarchical pie chart control is excellent. I was really impressed! What did I do? Just clicked the ‘Download Firefox’ link. :)

Spice up the Wave

For users of Samsung WAVE Samsung Wave Themes and Apps This site has it all doesn’t it. Take a look, I am sure you will be impressed. Apps Widgets Themes Codes Flashing(flashing the ROM to upgrade the OS) Unlocking Wallpapers Tips and Tricks I find this blog a treasure trove for all WAVE users out there. Do check it out. Link :

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

Download : Download Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool ( Free ) Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk   PROS The Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool is a completely freeware antivirus.  This news may come to one’s surprise because Kaspersky normally charges at least $29.99 for a one-year subscription.  The entire antivirus engine is contained in one executable file.  New files are released on almost a daily basis that contain exactly the same definitions files as the full version.  In addition, the removal tool includes a self-defense feature that prevents the application scanning from being interrupted. The user has the option to scan all portions of the hard drive including removable disks and even hidden startup objects.  In tests, the scanning mirrored a standard Kaspersky scanning experience almost exactly.  A quick autoscan only took about 4 minutes while a full system scan took about one and a half.  These times are very reputable and easily compete with most free antivirus.  A u

All is Fuzzy

This is an excellent starter for all fuzzy logic programmers. By Seshi from New Zealand, read the original text here: Introduction Download source - 395 Kb Yay, my second article for code project. Like my first article this one was also one of my assignments for AI at university and I thought I'd try this one out in WPF using C# as well. Fuzzy logic - a dictionary like description: "Fuzzy logic is a mathematical approach to problem solving. It excels in producing exact results from imprecise data, and is especially useful in computers and electronic applications. Fuzzy logic differs from classical logic in that statements are no longer black or white, true or false, on or off. In traditional logic an object takes on a value of either zero or one; in fuzzy logic, a statement can assume any real value between 0 and 1, representing the degree to which an element belongs to a given set. The human brain can reason

Biomimicry to the Rescue

  We have a tendency to name software entities after biological creatures whose behaviors they remind us of – think of viruses in general, or worms. Now a bunch of computer security geeks are coming from the other direction, taking inspiration from nature’s creatures for the next weapon in the never-ending war against malware and viruses… few species are more effective at responding to intrusions into their system than the ant, after all. Unlike traditional security devices, which are static, these “digital ants” wander through computer networks looking for threats, such as “computer worms” – self-replicating programs designed to steal information or facilitate unauthorized use of machines. When a digital ant detects a threat, it doesn’t take long for an army of ants to converge at that location, drawing the attention of human operators who step in to investigate. The concept, called “swarm intelligence,” promises to transform cyber security because it adapts readily to changing thr


  I was getting bored. So I decided to shoot myself. I created this application. If you want you can change the picture you want and shoot him/her all day. :) PS. Requires .NET Framework 4.0 Here is the source code for the program : 1: Public Class Form1 2:   3: Private Sub Form1_Load( ByVal sender As System. Object , ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase .Load 4: 'The form loads and the nongrami(dirty business) starts 5: tmrForChange.Enabled = True 6: Me .Cursor = New Cursor(Application.StartupPath + "\crosshair.cur" ) 7: End Sub 8: Dim tmrCountr As Int16 = 0 9:   10: Private Sub tmrForChange_Tick( ByVal sender As System. Object , ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles tmrForChange.Tick 11:   12: Dim newLocation As Point = New Point(0, 0) 13: If tmrCountr <= 5000 Then 14: tmrCountr += 1000 15: Else 16:

To Hell and Back

  Yesterday I had a frightening experience settling disputes between Avast Antivirus Free and Daemon Tools Lite 4.40. In the end I admit, it was horrible experience for me. The problem remained. I had Daemon Tools Lite installed on my machine. I was using Avast Antivirus Free 5.x. I had no problems. Avast released their latest upgrade as 6 series and I downloaded it and installed it. An additional bonus in this was the Sandbox and Auto Sandbox mode which isolates programs to prevent the spread of infection to the rest of the machine. Expecting rock solid integration of Avast I installed it, updated it and restarted it. The problems I faced were as follows: - Blue Screen of Death – Just before the logon screen is displayed, the BSOD popped. The error code was 00000x7f( in hexadecimal). On the BSOD it said some problem with the ahcix86.sys file. I was speptical. If that indeed was the case, safe mode would not work either So first I restarted it and logged into my secon