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Let's Lose Another War

Pakistan Army Recruitment Poster Was wondering what to do. Suddenly had a stroke of imagination. Created this using Google Drawing. Doing stuff like this in office is not easy. Not because people are watching. But because the software to create something like this is not available. Online web apps - especially the image hosting apps and editing tools are all blocked for being hosting or image repositories. While just doing some random ego searching I hit upon this idea. I had this inspiration from this one here. I do not know who exactly created it. A simple Google image search will show. You can do that. I feel too lazy now. :D

Exciting Weekend on the Cards

This weekend is going to be fun. I mean I hope it is. My brother is going to get admitted to some NIT in the South. So Bangalore is going to be a stop for my family. My mom plans to get a flat rented here for her permanently, say like for four years. So I am to look for a new 2BHK for my family. I am looking forward to it. Mainly because the budget is high enough to get a fully furnished apartment. In fact that is what I wish to get. One of my friends is also here. He has got a room close to where I live. I need to make sure the new place is not far from where he stays now. A word is a word. Another friend said he may drop by for some drinks or something. In any case it is going to be fun. On the other hand, I may go all the way to Calicut while my brother's admission is done. In that case I will drop office on Monday. Due to the hectic schedule that is about to come, my secret project work is going to take a hit. So I am trying to make up for it now. Wish me luck. I will need

A Post Dedicated to Malala Yousafzai

I am not a very soft person. When it comes to Islamists and Pakistan, I turn harder(with good reason). But this girl just stands out of all of it. I will write little in this post. Words won't do enough justice to a child like her. We know what happened to her. So I won't go elaborate and repeat what the entire world knows. I just wish to convey a message - I love you. Simple. Go conquer the world. Best Wishes. Thanks, Sarthak Just another Sanatani

Thank God It's Friday

Friday is the one of the best days of the week. Every Friday I feel so good. Take today for example. I woke up at 9 after having a 51/2 hour sleep. Bought some bread from the shop and boiled a couple of eggs. I slapped some chocolate cream and cheese on the bread and had it for breakfast. Then I left for office. What I have in mind to do this evening and night is also quite cool. I would love to get myself a wine. Along with a couple of glasses. One extra - just in case. I will just play the Beethoven's Fur Elise and sip wine. I may also try reading a book or two. Already going through a new book - The Six Sacred Stones. As for dinner, I will try to stick to the same stuff I usually have every Friday - either pizza with garlic bread from Dominos or egg biryani from Kabab Masti . In the weekend I have some plans to meet up with friends and have some fun. Cheesy pizzas - That is one my favorite dishes. I just love it.

Criminals to be barred from politics

Criminals commit crime. Convicted criminals I mean. For some unknown reason, India still allowed rapists, murderers and drug peddlers to run for elections, get elected and become chief ministers of states and do what they do best - rape, murder, peddle drugs. Only difference, they did it with police protection. Now the Supreme Court has played spoilsport . They have come out with a damning judgement that sends almost a third of India's elected representatives out of office. A pretty common sensical judgement one would assume. But the Government and especially the ruling party has seriously objected to the ruling and plans to take it up legally. The point they have is simple. If Dirlewanger could help the Nazis supress the Warsaw Uprising, why should criminals be left out of the election arena. In fact if possible committing a crime should be made a pre-requisite for being an elected representative. No doubt, people say, "India is a funny country!". 'RSS' p

Photography is Not For Everyone

These days all you need to become a 'pro' photographer is a good deal of money, a good camera and a lot of spare time. There is hardly any quality to the pictures taken by the multitude of the 'professional photographers'. However the worst thing is that some of these even go fully professional. Naturally they keep their prices low and kick the more established and truly good photographers. So in the end what we get is a lot of low quality pictures. Looking at them you might say to yourself, "Nice" but they don't remain in your mind or they don't make you think later. Sure this kind of showcasing of talent is also good and certainly is better than turning to drugs. But the problem is that many of these budding 'photographers' give up their hobbies after a stint of a couple of months. Their cameras begin rotting in some forgotten shelf and the pictures synced to Dropbox and Flickr. To truly focus on photography once needs to cherish and nour

The Ishrat Jahan Encounter and the Indian Drama

It was 15th June, 2004. Gujarat Police gunned down four people between the Gandhinagar - Ahmedabad road. The killed were Ishrat Jahan Raza aged 19, Javed Gulam Sheikh, Amjad Ali Rana and Zeeshan Johar. Allegations were raised that the encounter was fake. In 2004 itself, a Lahore based publication of the Lashkar e Tayyiba confirmed that Ishrat Jahan and the other three were indeed operatives. This definitely gave a jolt to many parties who were crying foul. After three longs years, Jamaat-ud-Dawa stated that it was a 'journalistic mistake' to include the name of Ishrat Jahan and sent an apology to her family. This stirred the other folks into action. The hibernating political jumbos immediately filed a number of cases and after a long investigation, that is after 5 years, the Ahmedabad Metropolitan court declared that the encounter was staged . Important thing to note here is that it did not claim that Ishrat Jahan was innocent. Something quite damning then happened. Dav

A Wannabe Kashmiri Mujahid

Kashmir is a beautiful place. Just like the rest of the world, Kashmir is also home to many rockstar Islamists Secularists. Problem is that Kashmiris are a generally peaceful lot. Unlike their neighbors in the South, East and West they primarily have rice all day. Just like Bengalis. But out of this population sometimes some young guy gets highly inspired - helped by a few overly 'vigilant' CRPF guys. Also attach to this the romantic aspirations of freedom, secularism, Islamism etc etc. You end up confused. Getting a way out of this confusion and reaching a conclusion is more difficult than killing someone. Quite a few do so. No. This is not the guy! This guy is really dangerous. Haneef was a normal guy. Her mother fell down the road after an Army truck speed past her. The poor old woman could not take it. She slipped and fell. A few bones got dislocated. But due to ignorance or poverty she was neglected and after almost a year she died. Haneef convicted the Indian Army