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When I see you

Dear , I hate to admit it. But I kind of miss you. It's a friendly 'miss you'. I know the difference. Also for the first time I wished like worshiping you. By worshiping I mean all of you. Like me wishing to thank God for making every bit of you. All of you. I will be honest. I looked at you before, at the countless pictures and in person but never felt strongly about it. This was the time when I first saw you. For the first time. When I drew you. In the meantime please check out this beautiful song that I heard. Happy weekend and happy drawing, singing or whatever you wish to do to liven up your life.Will call you Sunday evening ;) Sarthak

The Serial Killer

There are some people whom you know are odd. By odd I don't mean with 3 eyes or stuff like that, that is quite normal. I mean people who lead normal lives but one look at them and you know they are mass murderers, serial killers or compulsive sex offenders etc. The unsympathetic eyes, the I don't give a f attitude and the staying aloof - all give you the signals you need. When you see these things in a person, and also add to that the 1000 yard gaze they have , sitting alone, all busy to themselves. Of course they won't have friends or even anyone to talk to. Know why? You know why - because they are serial killers at a minimum, they have their dark passengers. They kill and feel nothing and the life that you see in front of your eyes is just a facade they put up to cover their darker side. Look at the guy on the extreme left in this image - that's the stare I am talking about. So we have a serial killer in our office. I wish I could give you his name but well