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Games for FREE

Yes I wrote that right. Not a typo. And before you jump to conclusions, I am not encouraging you to pirate games either. You can play many games absolutely for free. There is no dearth of options either. First person shooters, role playing games, strategy games etc - all are available. I don't intend to insult your machine my giving choices about flash games either. So first to whet your appetite I will post a few screenshots. America's Army 3 America's Army3   America's Army Ok, lets begin with America's Army. Launched to encourage people to volunteer for the US Army, the game is super cool and multi dimensional. Graphics is great for such a free game and the mods and multiplayer content is massive. So, if you intend to start with gaming for free and being fully legit, I suggest you download this game via Steam and get started. And don't worry there is no compulsion in joining the Army, so you can play fine. Let me tell you, the game is re

Make a gadget

Creating gadgets for Windows is very easy. So easy, in fact a class 8 kid can make them, provided he knows basic stuff like HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Even then there are issues that are faced when you start doing things the first time. So I may just be able to get you started. By the end of it, you will probably say to yourself that this was just sooooo easy. First thing first. You must know HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript, otherwise what I will write here will look like Sumerian to you. So if you wish to take a look and brush up your skills, here are the links to go. I'll wait. Yes I am a particular fan of w3schools, mainly because they have got a code testing playground, invaluable for immediate testing and  experimentation .  Now that you are ready, lets get started. The Bare Layout of a Windows Sidebar Gadget A gadget is simply a webpage with its scripts, stylesheets and everythin

Peek at Windows 8

Microsoft's "re-imagining" of Windows 8 is focused very heavily on a new, Metro-style touch-based interface. However, they make a big deal of saying that it's just as usable with a mouse and keyboard—and  no matter what device you're on, you can switch between the simple Metro interface and the traditional Windows desktop  to fit whatever your needs are at that given moment. Performance One of the issues that's been on our minds since they  previewed this new interface  was whether this will keep bogging Windows down with more running processes, and whether running a full Windows desktop on a low-powered tablet was really a good idea (after all, we've seen Windows run on netbooks). Performance was the first thing they addressed today: Windows 8 actually has better performance than Windows 7, even with this metro interface running on top of a desktop. Tablet users and netbook users should notice a fairly significant performance increase with Wind


  Disk Cleanup is a wonderful yet somewhat basic tool for carrying out disk cleaning activities on Windows machines. We sometimes may feel irritated to use this tool. Instead we switch to other alternatives. But we can extend its functionality a bit by following a few tips and tricks. At a Run dialog, type:  cleanmgr /sageset:1  Up will come the Disk Cleanup, select the drive, then select what you wish to keep and what you dont. Then click OK. Next time, type:  cleanmgr /sagerun:1  Then the cleaner goes to work to clean whatever you selected. You can assign another number for another type of cleanup if you want. E.g.  cleanmgr /sagerun:2 might be more or less agressive about cleaning, depending on what you chose with cleanmgr /sageset:2  You can even create shortcuts for the different lists of destroyables you have. But always make sure to use sageset before applying its settings to sagerun.  Thanks to PrairieMoon for this tip.