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Zaira Wasim stirs the nest

Introduction I have never seen Zaira Wasim act. Never got myself to see Dangal. There was a lot of outcry when she left Bollywood for Islam (in her words, not mine).  Outraged Hindus generally said stuff like this was obvious and had to happen. The folks in the media and the film industry were saddened, some called her an ingrate while Muslims mostly celebrated her. To be entirely honest, regardless of her motives for leaving the industry, I applaud her determination. Not many can do that despite being successful. Had it been Tusshar Kapoor (I am not aware of his present name spelling) leaving the moh maya and going to the Himalayas, I would have understood. In any case, the 'return to Islam' or the 'Right Path' as she called in her original tweet was genuine. Yesterday, I saw her trending on Twitter India! Zaira trends on Twitter. Again! This is what she wrote. She faced a LOT of flak from others - stick whatever labels you wish on them. But she swiftly deactivated her