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Showing posts from April, 2012

First Module Test

The first module test is over. I scored 81 percent. Not really killer stuff but I am ok with that. The test was on Pseudo Code and so I feel it was better to be done away with lightly. Slept most of the time in office today. Had a bad dream last night and a disturbed sleep. Nevertheless, the exam was fine. The Daily quiz before was a disaster. I don't know why. The answers were correct. Still I scored only 48 percent. Ankit believes it to be a system error. But in any case my marks won't change. :( After the exam we played Damsharaj for some time. I can't act in those situations. Not really a Hindi movie buff honestly. But I did my best. :P Migmar is the sweetest girl I have met here. Pandey ji the funniest. I will meet more. Till then wish me luck for the next Module tests. :)

Now In Mumbai

I am now in Mumbai. Living in Thane to be exact. It is quite nice in here. The entire place is quite good. Living on the top floor is never very cool. But surprisingly it is not as hot as it was back home. Mumbai is a crazy place. There is a lot of energy in the place. The chaos, the discipline in it, the markets, the people, the spirit is what keeps Mumbai apart from other cities. My office is in Airoli, Navi Mumbai. The Office is huge and looks scary. Almost space station like.  Navi Mumbai I will take some time to get used to everything here. I hope all will be well.

Who am I?

In this post I will specifically write about myself. More importantly about my plus and minus points. Plus points include everything that can be considered to bee good qualities in itself. However I write this post about my negative traits, and one trait in particular. I have a serotonin deficiency disorder. Now what is it? First let me tell you what is serotonin. This is what Wikipedia has to say about Serotonin. Now what if Serotonin is in acute deficiency? Depression Lack of appetite Insomnia Food disorder Suicidal Tendency Mania Repeating thoughts, especially negative ones Almost every negative disorder that is there, psychological that is... So, yes, it is hard living with it. But with time you can keep living life to the best of your abilities. And even love life. I am on medicines, yes, but at the same time I do meditation to feel better. I will continue later. Other work beckons!