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ishani Concept

    Make life simple So here it is. The most bare form of the ishani app. You might as well ask yourself, another dock app on the block. i might as well answer yes. I am not good enough for the big projects I think. I will be. He he. Anyway the application is ugly and only thing it does is show how it will be. I will be adding more features, kind of busy these days, that makes things more difficult. In any case, the preliminary work should be over in a couple of weeks. A brand new dock for your machine. Oh and I will get the Mac style including the spiral places container which is still only found on Macs. It is horrible I know, but it has got animation stuff and I will remove the window, make the icons look better, lot of work to do. You can download the source code here:  Livefilestore   Download ishani source code