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Chennai, Rida and Nikita

After resolving my Pre Leave blues, I left for home. Naturally it was full of hiccups. But I got good luck almost everywhere. From Bangalore, the bus to Chennai was almost 2 hours late. What happened as a result? A good sleep. From 12 to 6, I had uninterrupted sleep, which was great. When I dropped in Chennai, traffic was low enough to avoid jams yet good enough to let me get an auto rickshaw in time. I would not have got it so quickly had I reached an hour earlier. From there I met a pretty talkative (read smart) salesman cum auto driver. He was instrumental in persuading me from going to the Koyambedu bus stand all the way to the Chennai Airport. Of course he charged almost a hundred bucks extra. But I was tired and I agreed. Problem was that I had reached around 5 hours before the check in time! So then began my wait. Cafe Coffee Day helped little. Even the Expresso seemed insufficient! Staying awake was important and difficult. But here also I was lucky. There was a swe

Almost Stopped

This leave was hard to come by. For a few hours I thought I won't be able to come. Planned leaves getting cancelled - such a thing can occur to me. Twice in two years! And I am not surprised. Finally, with a lot of luck, some speaking and persuading, I got them and rushed home - quite literally. The day was cloudy and so was my mood. Ran roughshod over both Lali and Shwetha for the occasion. Lali understood, Shwetha, not so much. Before the day was out, I was lucky to get a G made by the MBA ( Most Beautiful Anomaly )