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ClipClip – Handy Clipboard Manager

  A simple, efficient, user friendly clipboard manager for Windows, especially versions after XP. The handy tool – clipbrd.exe was not in the releases of Windows post XP, so I had to take to third party clipboard monitoring tools. But they were all bulky resource hogs. Each had its pros and cons but ultimately none fit the bill. So I decided to create my own.   Illustration : ClipClip Illustration : ClipClip showing Screenshot Illustration : ClipClip showing the files to be copied, the links can be modified and saved Features include : - Text monitoring and modify Image monitoring and modify File list view and modify Audio modify and capture Clipboard clear function Refresh to refresh the contents of the Clipboard Please note that I’ve not included a hook to the clipboard. While this eliminates the chance for a dynamic monitoring and editing, it also improves security and most importantly enhances usability and makes it lightweight and independent of user

IITs and IISc Online Courses in Engineering and Science under NPTEL

IITs and IISc Online Courses in Engineering and Science under NPTEL This is an excellent site for all students, both from engineering or otherwise to get video lectures and course material from IIT and IISc faculty members. And as the icing on the cake it is free. You get to choose your subject and the chapter, download the PDF and watch the video lecture by a professor. So start buffering!

A Winter Hibernation

  Sorry mates, was hibernating, quite literally. Exams are near, knocking at my door in fact, so I will keep this short and sweet. For those of you doing projects here are some links for you. These have been done by me. So please put my name in the References Section. Self Defending Network Report : Presentation : Cloud Computing Presentation : SBI Core banking Report : Presentation :

ishani Concept

    Make life simple So here it is. The most bare form of the ishani app. You might as well ask yourself, another dock app on the block. i might as well answer yes. I am not good enough for the big projects I think. I will be. He he. Anyway the application is ugly and only thing it does is show how it will be. I will be adding more features, kind of busy these days, that makes things more difficult. In any case, the preliminary work should be over in a couple of weeks. A brand new dock for your machine. Oh and I will get the Mac style including the spiral places container which is still only found on Macs. It is horrible I know, but it has got animation stuff and I will remove the window, make the icons look better, lot of work to do. You can download the source code here:  Livefilestore   Download ishani source code

Make a Splash!

  I was sitting at home, when suddenly I got a request to write a splash form. So I wrote this. It  is fairly simple to implement. Just add a Windows Form to a new Visual Basic Project. Add a Timer Control to the Form, named ‘theTimer’ Now add two labels, one for a statement, other to show the countdown. I have named them lbl1 and tmrLabel. Go to its code of the Form and copy and paste this down. I have assumed the form name to be ‘MainFrm’. Run it and you are good to go. All with a fade in and fade out animation. Simple yet efficient. And to the friend who requested, it was a pleasure. :) '''<summary> ''' A simple Splash Screen with basic fade in and fade out animation ''' A Program by Sarthak Ganguly ''' </summary> ''' Released under GPLv3 License Public Class MainFrm    'Declaring an Enum with form status     Enum formStatus         formOpening         formShowing         formClosing     End Enum   

Internet Explorer 9 beta, well worth a try

Internet Explorer, the web browser known to give us nightmares is back. IE had more flaws than features, limited addons, low speed, lack of support for web standards, no download manager, faulty Save actions and many more. IE7 and IE8 were good but yesteryear’s browsers, copies of more feature rich browsers already available. They provided too little too late. Finally the guys at Microsoft have pulled off a great show. In the newly furbished IE 9 you can find speed, ease of use, better addon support, a download manager, HTML 5 support, full CSS3 support and many more. On my test machine it outdid both Firefox and Opera (without any steroids) with ease. It also provides additional graphics rendering using hardware acceleration, making web animations look flawless. The default look of IE9 The Download Manger Pros : Cons Streamlined design Basic Support HTML5 Pinned Sites Compatibility issues Download Manager Time taking installation Enhanced tabs Download Manage

Integrated College Management System

For selected technical readers only. This project is established for helping students to make registration easily. It also simplifies this process for both students and employees and prevent usual problems the Credit Hours System faces. Check this out as a template for all developers aiming to develop a Library(employee, student, books etc) Management System. It is a very good project with good comments, documentation and explanation. Happy Coding! Sarthak Ganguly