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Build a Hackintosh!!!

We love Macs. We adore the Apple logo. We know it's not just  "some kind of fruit company" ! So now, as I test my PC for some Mac Mac-king, I will provide you the list of sites that I found very useful.  [Photo Courtesy :] Oh! I forgot to give an Introduction Introduction Hackintosh  is a term used in the  Apple Macintosh  user community to mean different things throughout that platform's lifespan, but now generally referring to the use of  Mac OSX  on non-Apple hardware. Currently, the most common Hackintoshes are  Intel  based, although some programmers have made  kernel  patches to work on  AMD -based computers. Prior to the  Apple-Intel transition , the term most often referred to an Apple-manufactured Macintosh computer that its owner had performed various  hardware hacks  on. The alt.hackintosh  Usenet  newsgroup gives its description as "Clever programming on Apple's Macintosh." Things to Remember Before you begin it i

5 Sites You Should Check Before You Die

1. lifehacker : This website is about everything, actually everything. There is nothing you wont find here. Starting Downloads of the day to the Tips and Tricks, life improvement, home improvement, savings, software, gizmos, gossips etc. This one deserves to be on the bookmark of any Internet user. 2. Cracked : Simply hilarious. One look at their banner and you get what the site is about. Don't get fooled by the strange name of the site though, it is incredibly informative but only the tone is funny and cool. 3. We Chose The Moon :  This site chronicles the entire journey of Apollo 11 from the Earth to the Moon and back. Complete with astronaut speeches, superb sounds and rich visuals, prepare to embark on a journey to the Moon. When you safely return back don't forget to collect the certificate for the completion of the mission. Serious! 4. Hotel 626 : I will keep this as a surprise. Or more correctly as a shock. Go through it. You will find what is in store

Windows 7 New Features in VB.NET & C#

Introduction This is a quick step by step guide to help all .Net developers to take advantage of the new features of Windows 7. What you will Need   Visual Studio 2008 or 2010 Windows API Code Pack for Microsoft .NET Framework Can be downloaded from Minimum .NET Framework version required is 3.5 SP1. A Windows 7 machine. Getting Ready   You will need to compile the Windows API Code Pack Dlls, after extracting the file open the WindowsAPICodePack.sln located inside the WindowsAPICodePack folder and Build the solution this will produce the following Dlls * Core * Shell (Note : it depends on the Core project ) you will need to add a Reference to them in your applications. Compatibility with Different Versions of Windows   the application will crash and exit if for example a feature exclusive to windows 7 was called and it was running under a windows vista or a windows XP environment. so to prevent your  a

Create and format a hard disk partition

You must be logged on as an administrator to perform these steps. To create a partition or volume (the two terms are often used interchangeably) on a hard disk, there must be either unallocated (empty) space on the hard disk or free space within an extended partition on the hard disk. If there is no unallocated space, you can create some by shrinking an existing partition, deleting a partition, or by using a third-party partitioning program. For more information, see Can I repartition my hard disk? When you create partitions on a basic disk using Disk Management, the first three volumes you create will be formatted as primary partitions. Beginning with the fourth volume, each volume will be configured as a logical drive within an extended partition. For more information, see What are partitions and logical drives? Open Computer Management by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Maintenance, clicking Administrative Tools, and then double-c

Stupid Upgrades

Photo courtesy Rim’s computer was 5 years old. She decided to upgrade her machine. It had a Pentium IV processor, an Intel 965 motherboard, 512MB DDR I RAM, 80 GB Hard Disk, keyboard, mouse, speakers and an old 15 inch CRT monitor. She used the machine for a few specific tasks like Web browsing, listening to music or watching a movie once in a while. Now she decides to make an upgrade. She goes for a Phenom Black Edition CPU with a GigaByte motherboard, 4GB of DDR III RAM, 1TB Hard Disk, wireless keyboard and mouse and a 24 inch LCD(edge LED) monitor. And of course a 1GB ATI Radeon 6850. Great? What she does with this insane rig? She chats, goes to facebook, youtube, listens to music, and watches a few movies once in a while that too not HD. This is a textbook example of an unnecessary upgrade. True, upgrading once in a while is good, but you know, getting a Phenom Black Edition and that monster graphic card means your usage deserves to be better. What she should have g

Shut it Down

We all must have had to download bulky files at night, while we are sleeping that is. So we just start the downloads, or schedule them and go off to sleep. Often we defrag our hard disks or take bulky automated backups. Now what if the work is done in say 3 hours? The computer still stays switched on for 4 or may be more hours doing pretty much …well, nothing. What if you would like to shutdown the machine or at least put it to hibernate to save power. Or just to save your machine? Schedule a shutdown. That’s what you will require. I made this kid stuff to make it a simple thing for you. You will not require any special knowledge or experience for using it. It is simple, easy and small. Enjoy Download the Setup file. Unzip the file and run the Setup. After installation start the program. The options are very self explanatory, and you can also Cancel a scheduled Shutdown task by clicking the ‘Abort Shutdown’ Button. The source code is also available to you @ here. Released under

Bunk torrents!

Figure this. You are downloading Big Buck Bunny, the movie from a torrent site. You download the torrent, open utorrent or any other favorite Torrent client and download the file from hundreds of seeds, all the while uploading bits and pieces of what you have to the outside world. The file will be downloaded fairly quickly. But say for example you see the seeds available are around 5 or even less and the leechers are around 100! That would be a downloader’s nightmare. Solution? I’ll show you how. Steps Download JDownloader and install it Go to Search for Big Buck Bunny Prefer the following hosts :,, Copy the links and JDownloader will automatically grab the links In the JDownloader Linkgrabber tab you will find the files which you wish to download, the links will be checked for availability. If they are no longer present, they will be marked Offline and you won’t be able to download. You will have to try other