Mysore - the Good and the Ignored

Mysore is a far from neglected when it comes to tourism. Mysore has long been a very beautiful small town with exquisite temples and destroyed forts. Once the capital of the princely state of Mysore, it has now been eclipsed by Bangalore. Even then the history is rich and has extremes of good and bad.

Mysore palace topmost point

Fake HDR-ed from the Mysore Temple complex - the aura should give you the hint

We got a gorilla. If we are to go by what's written on the board outside, he is the sole gorilla in India now.

Spotted this bear playing with a few ducks

Mysore zoo - The look should tell you what he thinks about me or my camera

A temple from the Mysore Palace Complex itself - fake HDR-ed

Vrindavan Gardens - The cool thing is that this is built adjacent to the huge dam.

The Mysore Palace from the cart that we hired for a round trip.

The Mysore Palace - The House of Wodeyar has come to an end though. The last 'king' died a couple of years back and is only survived by his wife.


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