New Year, confirmation and Dad's retirement

This is my first post this year.

I know it's late. It has been a long time.

I have paid the domain renewal about a couple of months back. But I did not feel like writing something new. The urge just did not come.

It is not that I suddenly feel like I must write something. But this seems as good as a time as any,

For one, my savings are getting better. This is despite all my financial mismanaging.

None of that is very surprising. My personal expenses are ridiculously low. So that helps. Whatever high expenses are there are entirely towards rent and travel expenses to and from home. That includes the flight fares.

I got my confirmation in Axis as well. It was a simple uneventful letter that I got from my CTO. The contents were pretty ordinary. But it felt reassuring nonetheless.

My Dad also retired from his 30+ year job with SBI and is not enjoying the benefits of retired life with my mother back in Kolkata. About time. He has earned it.


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