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Republic of India's sustained discrimination of Hindus

Republic of India has been independent for over 70 years now. Ever since 1947, and particularly since 1950 many Governments have come and gone. The Constitution of India has been amended. By over 370 times and counting. The name of the nation has also changed. From the simple 'Republic of India' it was changed to the 'Secular Sovereign Socialist Democratic Republic of India' for reasons best known to the then ruling elites. Few policies have remained unchanged or unchallenged regardless of the different Governments, political parties, emergencies and so on.

That is the systematic institutional and legal discrimination of Hindus.

Sounds surprising?

And yes, BJP fanboys - you are just as guilty if not more. Let me explain why.

There are plenty of laws, rules and regulations that this marvellous Republic of ours has given us. Learning about the laws that govern our lives require us to take a Law degree. Literally. The Constitution that we are bound to live by is something that even the most educated of us have not bothered to read. In any case, I doubt it is worth the read. If your sense of morality and judgement is dictated by a book, you are better off as a drone (or a devout Christian or Muslim). So that leaves us with the Indian penal code - and that was decided by the British. Remember how educated 21st century men had to sit in a Supreme Court and agree that people can do what they please in their bedrooms and not be considered as criminals?

Yes. That.

So, let us come back to the topic. The reason I digressed is just to shake your belief that the country that you claim to be yours may not be worthy of your trust. I am not asking you to go and commit treason. But try to just be free.

Coming back to the Hindus.

Who are the Hindus? What is Hinduism? And what is even Hindutva?

The Supreme Court of (the Republic of India) had once taken upon itself to define that as well. And this 'definition' is parroted by many Hindus (devout included) to be the ultimate that encapsulates all.
If you are wondering what it was - you may be inclined to read this. If you value your time and have some sense of self respect you may chose not to. But that's your concern.

Somehow, BJP, RSS and other Hindus find this definition by a judge an exemplary accomplishment. As if they were waiting for one. Whenever anyone claims that Hinduism or Hindutva is inherently fascistic or anything remotely negative - they waive this particular statement of the Supreme Court. It is laughable. No other people of any other religion (perhaps) take the opinion of a secular institution so seriously.

The content of what is about to follow may shake the fundamentals of your nationalism. Hardcore Indian Nationalists - proceed with caution.

Much of the content is also present in the Hindu Charter as is present here. I do not strictly adhere to all of their demands, but the points do shed light into the legal discrimination that Hindus face today in India.

  1. Hindus are the only religious denomination in the Republic of India who are NOT ALLOWED to manage their own places of worship or temples. Though this may sound as going against the 'secular' nature of 'The Constitution', but such is the present reality. 
  2. Hindus are not allowed to manage their own educational institutions without Government interference. The Indian Govt. for instance can regulate who the Hindu educational institutions can hire as teachers, school children and prescribe the curricula to absolute detail. Such interference is not extended to institutions of any other religious denomination.
  3. Article 370 of the Constitution does not allow for any of you non Jammu and Kashmiri domiciles to settle in the state. The Article 35A also defines specifically who the 'permanent residents' of the state of Jammu and Kashmir can be. You are free to visit, but you must return.
I can continue more on the application of various rules and regulations, how those are bent to suit those at the top (regardless of their political affiliations), how people irrespective of their religious faiths have suffered - but the above simple 3 points have remained intact and almost unchallenged since the conception of this secular Republic. 

If you are a patriot and have never thought about these or considered these as hindrances to national integration, you are entitled to your opinion. But it should be remembered that the religiously inclined Hindus who also happen to have the citizenship of this nation also have the same rights as you do. By rights I don't necessarily mean the rights as 'given' by the Constitution but those that a human being (or any being) should morally be able to claim for him or herself. 

If you are reasonably open minded, I will request you to go through the points raised above, do thorough research whether I have made any mistakes. Learn what the nuances of the Law is. And then form your opinion.


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