The suffocating roadblocks and dead end jobs

Life throws new challenges everytime you decide to do something new.

When you plan to try anything new, you area aware of the challenges that you are likely to face. But Life usually will have other plans. When you expect a right turn, Life will show you a left. When you least expect x to turn up at your door, you find y.

And then there is a dead end job.

This is one job that I at times enjoy. Because I get to work directly in the technologies that I like to work with. At the same time, I feel terrible about the senior management and my future prospects here. What is the worst is that I don't see any way out of this either.

It is not that I have not forwarded my resume over to the other firms. I have. But I have not received any meaningful reply yet. Any response that I have so far been able to elicit are of no interest to me whatsoever.

I feel I have to chalk out a path for myself again. Problem is, the task becomes more and more difficult with age. I can take less risk than I could have may be even 2 years earlier. But this is necessary.

I have been looking forward to something of my own. But I have far too many ideas to actually consider one to be THE idea. In such a case, any endeavour like that is doomed to failure. If I want to try to make my own money, I must make up what I want. And how I want. I will keep that pursuit open.

In the meantime, a doctoral programme may not be a bad idea, especially in the Management Sciences - probably Operations or Strategic Management. Heck, except for HR, I am open to almost all. Does not speak much about my ambition, but hey - I will have more choices.


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