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Giveaway - Get paid Ashampoo Software for FREE

Alright, just as promised, I am back. And now with a bang. This time you got lucky, readers!. I will provide you the access codes to a number of Ashampoo's premium offerings here. So grab your code by clicking on the link below and get what you want. Get Free Software Software you are going to get : o Ashampoo ®  Registry-Cleaner o Ashampoo ®  Photo Optimizer 3 o Ashampoo ®  Photo Commander 8 o Ashampoo ®  Photo Converter o Ashampoo ®  Burning Studio Elements Remember you are just buying these software for 0$, and this is NOT piracy.  In case you have any problems go to the link below and manually paste this code in the coupon code area and you are all set to go. So you saved 109.95 US$!!! Coupon Code: XMAS-2010 In case you forgot to get other giveaways please check here. If you liked this article you may also like,

Giveaways Galore!

Alright let's take a break from learning stuff. It is time to get some software. I hate piracy. Especially because there are so many alternative free/open source software available. For free! I mean legally free, so that you can get updates, call for customer support and all that. Right, I will give away, legally, the free licences to a number of software that you otherwise need to pay for. You can install them on your machine and pretty much do anything you want. Practically you are buying it for 0$ ;) Okay so what's the catch? None. So keep reading. Head over to the links provided below and claim your free software now. From now on, you can get our Giveaways from the giveaway tag in the tag list. Download PC Tools Privacy Guardian for Free Privacy Guardian  is a safe and easy-to-use internet privacy software that securely deletes online Internet tracks and program activity records that are stored in your browser and other hidden files on your computer

When the paste dries!

My computer was working fine enough. All was going well for it. Suddenly it began to freeze without a warning. With the help of my friend I came to figure out the source of the problem - overheating of the CPU. Now there are a number of reasons that can trigger this particular problem. In my case the CPU was fine, so the culprit was most likely drying up of the heatsink compound that is present in between the CPU and the heatsink. These are actually conductor that transfer the excess heat of the CPU to the heatsink which dissipates the heat using the fans. So all I had to do was apply a fresh coat of heatsink compound to the CPU top and also on the heatsink surface and I was set. My machine was fixed and the CPU was cooled. Why does the paste dry up? Well, actually in dry conditions or due to prolonged use, the paste dries up reducing to powder, when it gives way leaving the heatsink separated from the CPU. So the CPU heats pretty fast and there is a risk of component overhea

Create Custom WPF Tab Control Easily

Join me on Google+ Windows Presentation Foundation (or WPF) is a computer-software graphical subsystem for rendering user interfaces in Windows-based applications. WPF, previously known as "Avalon", was initially released as part of .NET Framework 3.0 . Rather than relying on the older GDI subsystem, WPF utilizes DirectX . Creating a Tab Control in WPF is pretty simple. Let's get through the steps one by one. Create a new Project. I am using VB as my language, you may C# if you wish to. :) A WPF Application Project will do fine. I believe in clean coding. I wish to add a couple of controls to this solution. Instead of adding them to the root, I will right click the solution and click "Add Folder", rename as something like say "Cus Tab Controls". Add a WPF custom control, name it whatever you wish. This will be the tabItem header. Here goes the code. I just added a harmless Label, and a Button, which will act as the Close Tab button fo

Jump Lists for your Site(Or Blogs) I

Windows 7 Taskbar Basics The following graphic shows the taskbar elements in Windows 7. Feature Description Taskbar button When you click a Pinned Site button on the taskbar, the website launches in a new browser window that has been customized specifically for the site. The site icon is visible on the taskbar button. Overlay icons A 16x16 pixel notification icon that appears on top of the normal site icon. This notification indicates that something has changed in the website, such as new mail arriving, receiving a chat request, or being outbid in an auction. The notification is visible only when the site is running. Jump List The Jump List can contain static and dynamic tasks that act as shortcuts into the Pinned Site. A user can further customize their experience by pinning these items to the Jump List. Jump List category A Pinned Site can create and fill a single custom Jump List category by using script in the webpage. This list is dynamic. Jump L

Wanna Tab?

Tablets are now the most popular and sought after gadgets in the electronics market. Almost every company you know has a tablet (at least) launched into the market, and what is even more surprising is that all of them are doing reasonably well.  Honestly speaking everyone wants a tablet now. iPad rules the rules the roost here, but others like Galaxy Tab from Samsung has also made a mark, indeed with better features than the iPad itself. However after buying a tablet many users think if the idea was a wrong one. I want to help you make sure you really want and need a tablet computer in the first place, so that after unpacking your tab you dont say to yourself,"Oh Gosh, wish I knew...!" The choices are man made(read me-made whatever that means) and may change from person to person, but there you go. Buy a tablet only if you crave for Multimedia : 7 and 10 inch screen tablets are ideal for delivering multimedia experiences on the go. They are way better than mo

5p34k 1337

I did not know facebook had this sweet little feature that shows everything in leet speak. Leet is the language spoken by geeks. Though I would prefer not to be one, I found changing the language settings from facebook really made facebook a lot more interesting and much more funny. Here is how you do it. Go to Account Settings, Now change the language to leet speak (Other interesting ones are under the English category, say English upside down or Pirate English.) Click on Save Changes. Everything will turn to leet speak! Go to 'Home' or and see the fun. There are a number of funny changes, like : Messages - /msg Find Friends - find n00bz and Profile Pictures become pr0n, acronym for p0rn! Anyway if you can accept it as harmless fun, you can make your facebook experience more enjoyable. Have a good time.